Poetical humors | les inAttendus

A bright curiosity, a sharp taste for creations, a careful and deep sense of listening led Marianne Muller and Vincent Lhermet to explore together old music repertoires, inviting the accordion to lighten through its topicality the world of the bass viol, discovering modern repertoires in which those two instruments know how to exploit their fascinating potential.
The get-together of the bass viol and the accordion, two instruments coming from such different places and times, is full of ease, surprises and delicious discoveries.
Elizabethan music (Tobias Hume, John Dowland, John Bull, Orlando Gibbons etc) and contemporary works by Tierry Tidrow (2016) and Philippe Hersant (2017).
The first recording by les inAttendus will be released on september 21, 2018 by Harmonia Mundi.

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Marianne Muller, bass viol

Vincent Lhermet, accordion