The Art of Fugue | Les inAttendus

Vincent Lhermet, Marianne Muller and Alice Piérot explore Johann Sebastian Bach's The Art of Fugue , the pinnacle of contrapuntal writing, by playing it on the accordion, bass viol and baroque violin. This unexpected encounter of timbres turns out to be most successful, the similarities between the accordion and the organ, one of Bach's favorite instruments, perfectly resonating with the musical text. This atypical ensemble offers a variety of sound combinations and promotes dialogue between instruments, making it possible to rediscover a masterpiece with originality and musical intelligence.

Johann-Sebastian Bach, The Art of Fugue BWV 1080

Les inAttendus
Marianne Muller, viola da gamba
Vincent Lhermet, accordion
Alice Piérot, baroque violin

CD released in 2021 under Harmonia Mundi :
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« We were exspecting that recording…here it is! Extremely refined listening and balance of timbre ... unheard sonorities. »
France Musique, Corinne Schneider, 2021.

« This combination is marvellous. Les inAttendus bring sensuality to this music ».
Musikzen, Gérard Pangon, 2021.

« Les inAttendus succeed the "Art of Fugue" so well that after listening to it for the first time you are absolutely certain that J. S. Bach must have personally invented the accordion. The sound is unique »
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Reinhardt Brembeck, 2021.

« Un unexspected treat…by the French visionnary group Les inAttendus ».
The Times, Geoff Brown, 2021.

Vincent Lhermet, accordéoniste