Cantares Mexicanos – 2019

Mexican contemporary music and aztec poetry in the Nahuatl language.
Vincent Lhermet, accordion
Astrid Hadad & Christian Rojas, narrators

To be released on September 10, 2019 under the Tempus Clasico label, on the occasion of UNESCO’s International Year of Indigenous Languages in 2019.

Works by Georgina Derbez, Itzam Zapata, Ana Lara, Javier Torres Maldonado, Alejandro Romero, Jorge Torres Saenz, Victor Ibarra.

500 years after the conquest of Mexico by Hernán Cortes in 1519, pre-Columbian civilizations still appear very present in today’s Mexico and in the imagination of its conTo be published on September 10, 2019 under the Tempus Clasico label, on the occasion of the International Year of Indigenous Languages ​​of UNESCO in 2019.
Works by Georgina Derbez, Itzam Zapata, Ana Lara, Javier Torres Maldonado, Alejandro Romero, Jorge Torres Saenz, Victor Ibarra.
Cantares Mexicanos is a collection of poems in the Náhuatl language transcribed by the Spaniards in the Latin alphabet in the sixteenth century. These texts, formerly accompanied by drums, give us a glimpse of the complex thought of the Aztecs.
The program makes us hear one of these ”songs”, in Nahuatl and in its translation into Spanish, written for the sovereign warrior and poet of Texcoco,
Nezahualcoyotl. This poem in five parts makes us travel, at the moment of the Conquest, into the Mexico of the Aztecs who anticipates its future loss and that of the Spaniards, associating lyricism and violence, two characteristics that are found in contemporary mexican creation as well as in the sonic identity of the accordion.

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Poetical humors – 2018

Elizabethan & Jacobean music and contemporary works for viola da gamba and accordion
les inAttendus
Marianne Muller, bass viol
Vincent Lhermet, accordion

John Bull, John Dowland, Michael East, Orlando Gibbons, Tobias Hume,
Philippe Hersant (premiere), Thierry Tidrow (premiere)

Unexpected? The pairing of viola da gamba and accordion is certainly that! But perhaps even more surprising is how well the singing strings of the veteran instrument harmonize with the subtly vibrating reeds of the centuries-younger newcomer.
Also unexpected is this cross-generational meeting of two musicians (what are the odds?) who found each other exploring the ‘poetical humours’ of early-Seventeenth-century England.
Recently reunited in the recording studio after several seasons of rapturously received recitals, with this well-timed album the duo Les inAttendus makes its first entry into the harmonia mundi catalogue.

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13 créations pour un festival – 2017

Artists: Nathanaël Gouin, piano / Askar Ishangaliyev, cello /
Franck Krawczyk, virtual bass guitar / Carmen Lefrançois, saxophone /
Vincent Lhermet, accordion / Sergio Menozzi, alto saxophone /
Constance Ronzatti, violin


Biographies can be downloaded from the Printemps des Arts website in Media / Collection CD.
Original creations — Commissioned by the Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo
and SO.GE.DA.
In collaboration with the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique
et de danse de Paris.

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Rameau, eilen ja tänään – 2015

Jean-Philippe Rameau teoksia ja kantaesitykset
Vincent Lhermet, harmonikka

Tomas Bordalejo, En Rappel (2014)
Philippe Hersant, Tarentelle (2014)
Martin Iddon, D’un sang qu’elle poursuit… (2014)
Florent Motsch, Rappels (2014)
Mikel Urquiza, Esquisses d’échecs : ouverture française (2014)
Jean-Philippe Rameau, La Livri, L’Agaçante, Le Rappel des oiseaux, La Villageoise, Gigues en rondeau I & II, Musette en rondeau, Tambourin, Les Sauvages, L’Egyptienne, L’Enharmonique

Label Klarthe – distributed by Harmonia Mundi
With the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Banque Populaire, the Fonds pour la création musicale (FCM) and Musique française d’aujourd’hui (MFA)

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Correspondances – 2014

Originaali soolo ja kamariharmonikkamusiikkia
Vincent Lhermet (harmonikka), Noémie Bialobroda (alttoviulu), Noam Bierstone (lyömäsoittimet) Cécile Kubik (viulu) François Robin (sello).

Bruno Mantovani, 8’20” chrono (2007)
Georg Friedrich Haas, Sayaka (2006)
Jouni Kaipainen, Gena op. 31 (1987)
Gérard Pesson, Peigner le vif (2007)
Annette Schlünz, Journal n° 2 (Schneeland) (2006-2007)
Philippe Leroux, De l’épaisseur (1998)

Äänitetty Pariisin Konservatoriolla Meyerin Säätiön tuella.

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Irlantilaisia Tuulia – 2012

Kansan- ja klassistamusiikkia Irlannista, Skotlannista ja Englannista klarineille ja harmonikalle
Béatrice Berne, klarinetti – Vincent Lhermet, harmonikka

Tässä äänityksessä olevat sovitukset houkuttelevat tutustumaan irlantilaisen musiikin aarteisiin, joissa on kaikuja myös sekä skottilaisesta että englantilaisesta musiikista. Näissä sovituksissa on läpileikkaus eri tyyleistä perinteisestä klassiseen sekä myös oman aikamme musiikkiin, unohtamatta kuitenkaan niiden alkuperäistä luonnetta. Nämä “Tuulet” kertovat legendoja ja taruja, joita ovat levittäneet tuntemattomiksi jääneet muusikot tai kuuluisat säveltäjät. Kaikesta kuuluu kuitenkin rakkaus kelttiläisen kulttuurin upeisiin teemoihin

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Sly Patrick (Vents d’Irlande et d’ailleurs)
Celtic Dance (Vents d’Irlande et d’ailleurs)